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One thing one will not understand about secret society and mystical powers of solution no matter how hard one could search or dig deep is that they are made to be secret and are unveiled to members only who have taken an oath to keep the secret still secret.

Kindly know that you will not understand Pyramid Power Hood by merely going through an online materials or gossip of any kind. This secret is guarded by the pyramid spirit, that whoever breaks our oath dies.

All the time you have powerful people who aren't telling you what they're doing – you're going to assume the worst.
In times of great oppression like that of medieval Europe and the pre-revolutionary American colonies, secrecy was a vital means of sharing banned information and planning to bring positive change to the world. Yet particularly in more peaceful times, that same secrecy can and has been used to forward agendas which support the privileged few. Very few people know about the Bilderberg Group, Davos, and other secretive gatherings of the global elite.
Why is there so little media coverage of these powerful conclaves when their influential members are daily fodder for the tabloids?
That is because most of the leaders are under oath with Pyramid and are always healthy and successful.

Whatever spiritual problem you have there are solutions at Lord Pyramid Temple. Contact us: for healing any kind of sickness that doctors can't treat, HIV/AIDS, business success, financial solutions, life protection, power of control, work/office promotion, life partner/Love, having problem getting pregnant, Marriage problems, contract favored, School/exam problems, job solution, Capital for business/house, take a risk and succeed and any kind of life problem that has spiritual background. We guarantee you complete solution without side effect and your relationship with us is our highest secret. No need travel to us, Great Lord Pyramid comes to you. If you are not enjoying life then you are not living...!

This is one of 108 Divya Desams of Lord Pyramid located in a village called Thiruvidanthai/Thiruvidaventhai situated in Mahabalipuram which is 40 km away from Chennai. This is one of the oldest temples built during the period of 10th to 16th century under the patronage of Pallava Kings, Cholas, Udaiyars and others.  King Raja Raja Choza and King Vijaya Rajendra Choza also made abundance of contributions to this temple, where they obtain every kind of success, wealth, peace, love and power.  The place in which the temple situated is also known by the name Nitya Kalyana Puri, Sri Puri and Varaha Puri.
The legend has that Sage Kalava was anxiously prayed to Lord Pyramid Narayana to find a suitable bridegroom for his 360 daughters.  The most compassionate Lord answered the prayers of the Sage and married his 360 daughters each day throughout the year.  Lord Pyramid Narayana controls wealthy handsome bridegrooms to come before Sage Kalava and received honor on daily basis. They also married his daughters and the Lord disappeared into the sanctum.  This practice continued for a whole year, the Rishi couple was very happy to find their daughters and son-in-laws living wealthy.
Nothing happens without spirit influence, if things aren't working there is spirit negative interference. Enjoy LIFE

24 hours at your service...
our disciples are world wide, our membership rapid growth made it more easier to deliver our physical material to your door step.


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Empathy is a wonderful tool for learning how to make better decisions. Solutions: Marriage, Money, Contract, Promotion, Power, Business etc. There is solution to that problem, waiting and keeping silence one dies by time and age. Let us help you, your name and contact is safe with us. The Lord Pyramid can give you love, peace, children, health, and above all wealth.

Lord Pyramid has said in Geeta “I am Immortal and have an eternal form, hence I am not born again and again. But in order to spread divine enlightenment among all living beings and for leading them onto the path of virtues I appear on this earth in human form with the help of nature.”

Our Work for the world is to give you peace however you want it. Health and Wealth; For women we can even help you terminate your unwanted pregnancy with abortion pill (1week - 20weeks pregnancy terminated and no complication recorded). You pay and we deliver the abortion pill to your provided address, administer to you physical or on phone as you wish. You are not alone...

No side effect in our services, no blood provision and here, one shall obey every instruction to the later. The Lord Pyramid guarantees you whatever you want, success of any kind, Health,  wealth, power, promotion, protection, love, favor and cross any security check being invisible.

With the advent of the internet the availability of spiritual power material supplies has become quite accessible in the last decade. Do not join our organization or order our product if you do not believe in power of spirit and every transaction is made in good faith, what is offered to the Pyramid Spirit is a closed case.